Bake the delicious frozen pizza from Pizza By K in under 15 mins!

Pizza lovers will know what it feels like getting at your doorstep under 30 minutes. But now, time is not an issue but hotness and freshness is! So, to not to compromise anymore, Capital’s first frozen pizza service is here to deliver handmade frozen pizzas. All you have to do is bake it in the microwave and will be ready in under 15 minutes! 

Prepare Restaurant-Style Pizza At Home Within 15 Minutes By Ordering Frozen  Pizzas From Pizza By K | WhatsHot Delhi NCR

So, Pizza By K is a venture that is expanding in fast food. It is delivering gourmet pizzas in a frozen form. Founder Kartik B, came up with the concept after a spending five years in London. He got the need of frozen pizza as a staple and a go-to quick food. So, after returning to India, he worked on the concept of frozen pizza. Also, developing recipes that would taste as restaurant ones. Their pizzas have the same taste and quality as the fresh ones in a pizza joint.

So, they are made with handmade dough, fresh veggies and cheese. These gourmet pizzas are easy to bake and offer a quick fix for your pizza cravings at home. Their specialty includes the Spanish Pork Pepperoni Pizza, Chicken Salami Pizza. Vegetarian Pizza has taste diverse flavours, layered with quality ingredients. Moreover, all of these are pocket friendly.

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