As per Tipster, Apple might bring a Christmas surprise!

Apple is still to come up with launches, even after so many announcements this year. As per a reliable tipster, the company has plans to introduce a Christmas surprise next month.

As per a tweet by Tipster Lovetodream – “You’ll get a Christmas surprise from Apple(PS:Winter exclusive、good for winter).”

Also, last year in December Apple made an announcement about holiday promotion. Wherein, Apple card users get a 6% cash back daily on most Apple products purchased through the end of the year, MacRumours pointed out. So, Apple might announce something this year too.

The much in wait products by Apple – the AirTags and AirPods Studio are still to launch.

The Images and code on the iOS 14.3 beta that are out to developers recently suggests that Apple is laying the groundwork to add support. This is for third-party item trackers to the Find My app along with additional support for AirTags.

There are Icons on the beta OS that gives an idea about what the AirPods Studio might look like.

Also, the AirTags and the AirPods Studio will not release this year though. It might come out sometime this year.

So, in case Apple launches either one of them, it will surely be a Christmas surprise.

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