Our Own Apps Will Show Privacy Labels: Apple

Apple made an announcement for new app privacy labels for all apps on the App Store. The developers and companies have to ensure that these exist. The privacy labels mention what data these apps are collecting from users and how. 

Apple wants privacy 'nutrition labels' on all new and updated apps in its  software store from next month • The Register

There was criticism from WhatsApp for these new privacy labels. It said that it was unfair since these privacy labels did not seem to apply to Apple’s own apps that come pre-installed with iOS.

In response to this, Apple said that there will be privacy disclosures for its own apps as well.

WhatsApp told Axios that the provision was anti-competitive. This is because Apple’s own iMessage, that comes preinstalled on iPhones. It does not need to download from the App Store where privacy labels are now necessary.

A WhatsApp spokesperson told Axios that the requirement for labels should be consistent across first and third party apps.

The WhatsApp spokesperson said,

“While providing people with easy to read information is a good start, we believe it’s important people can compare these ‘privacy nutrition’ labels from apps they download with apps that come pre-installed, like iMessage.”

In response to this, Apple said that its own apps will also follow the same rules. Also, the privacy details will be available on the website for any app that isn’t in the App Store.

Apple said,

“The new rules apply equally to all iOS apps, including all Apple‘s built-in apps like Messages. For iOS apps that don’t have dedicated product pages on the App Store, like Messages, they will still have the same privacy information be made available to users on Apple’s website.”

WhatsApp said,

“they do not include enough detailed information, for example to reflect the strong measures apps may take to protect people’s private information”.

It is unclear exactly how they are going to appear on the App Store and on the Apple website.

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