Apple is developing exclusive over-ear headphones


The Cupertino, California-based tech giant Apple is working on two variations, including a premium version and fitness one. In the exclusive headphones by Apple, the premium version has leather-like fabrics and the fitness-focused model uses lighter, breathable materials with small perforations, the people said. 

Apple is making  over-ear wireless headphones with parts that can be swapped in and out. These headphones have a retro look with oval-shaped ear cups that swivel. The headband is connected by thin, metal arms. The arms stem from the top of the ear cups rather than the sides, the people added.

The ear pads and headband padding are magnetically attach to the frame. This enables user to replace easily. Customization will be possible in the exclusive headphones by Apple because of modular design just as the Apple watch.

It may also mean an easy conversion from comfort to fitness and back again, the people said.

The headphones have been in development since 2018. Their launch has been postponed at least twice, said by people.

The new headphones will use Siri for voice control. It will have a limited set of integrated touch controls.

It will compete with high-end products from Bose Corp., Sennheiser Electronic and Sony Corp., which currently retail around $350.

After the new launch of Iphone SE, you can expect another launch from the company by year end. It might be effected by the lockdown situation. This new headphone will join the long list of products by Apple Inc. such as Macs, Watches etc.

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