After phones, Google has come up with Android 11 in Android TV

After launching Android 11 to phones, Google has now come up with Android 11 for Android TV. The new version will give better performance and privacy improvements and more features.

Android tvThe new Android 11 for TV will bring Android update benefits. It will also bring memory management, and privacy features.

You will get the support for Auto Low Latency Mode, and low latency media decoding. Also, there is a new Tuner Framework. It is with updated Media CAS support.

So, the new version of tv has a silent boot mode for system updates and also gamepad mode.

The product manager Wolfram Klein said,

“New framework functionality for managing System LEDs and physical microphone mute buttons also facilitate integrations for far-field microphone enabled devices.”

As per Google, testing on the TV is now easier. This is because it adds test harness mode on Android TV and also Play Store support in the Android TV Emulator.

Also, a number of weeks before, Google has also come up with Android 11 in smartphones. The new update has brought many new features and improved performance.

Android 11 has now come up in many phones and in many company launches.

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