The new smart band by Amazon measures positivity and body fat!

Amazon joins the smartwatch industry. It announced its smart band ‘Halo’. Also, a subsciption service with same name.

The smart band has amazing features with you might have not heard. Like other bands, it tracks your fitness activities. Also, the band detects your tone and positivity! Moreover, it 3D scans your body fat too!

Amazon Halo
Credits: Forbes

The new Halo band looks different from other bands. Unlike others, it doesn’t have a screen. So, the Halo band along with its Halo service with all features will be available at a price of $64.99. Also, including 6 months of Halo membership.

Maulik Majmudar, Principal Medical Officer, Amazon Halo, said,

“We are using Amazon’s deep expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning. To offer customers a new way to discover, adopt, and maintain personalized wellness habits. Health is much more than just the number of steps you take in a day or how many hours you sleep. Amazon Halo combines the latest medical science, highly accurate data via the Halo Band sensors, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence to offer a more comprehensive approach to improving your health and wellness.”

The sensors of the watch includes the accelerometer, a temperature sensor, a heart rate monitor. Also, two microphones, an LED indicator light, and a button to turn the microphones on or off.

With the new smart band, it aims to take care of the user’s physical and emotional well beings. “The innovative Tone feature uses machine learning to analyze energy and positivity in a customer’s voice so they can better understand how they may sound to others, helping improve their communication and relationships,” Amazon said in a blog.

Using a machine learning tool, it will monitor your body weight too.The company claims that results are accurate. Also, they are more reliable than home scales.

Regarding privacy, Amazon has said “multiple layers of privacy and security are built into the service to keep data safe and in customers’ control.”

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