Amazon announced it will offer 125,000 contract employees Full-time jobs

Today, Amazon revealed in a blog post  , plans to provide permanent positions for about 70 percent of its 175,000 temporary employees in the face of COVI-19 boom.The business was originally filled as temporary workers and will switch 125,000 employees to full-time jobs next month as the pandemic drive decreases potentially.

Such positions would give employees a minimum wage of $15 and an hour ( after the pushback of politicians  like Bernie Sanders) and have access to other training programs designed to help them get o with the business.In the same month , full-time jobs will kick of Amazon’s $2-hour risk pay for workers.

Amazon was blamed for grappling with COVID-19 epidemic , including letters from senators and attorney general aimed at better understanding the worker safety policies , as well as several employees who have been infected or died of coronavirus. 

Another asked the organization to clarify why a number of workers were fired who had vocally  opposed it’s policies. Amazon rejected all offences and insisted that the COVID-19 affected workers were lower than the general population.

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