All religious places in Rajasthan will reopen from September 7!

With the control in the pnademic, all religious places are slowly opening. After Jammu and Jharkhand, its time for Rajasthan now. As per reports, all religious places in Rajasthan will reopen for the public from September 7. Also, all necessary precautions will be there.

Earlier, the centre made an announcement for relaxations, allowing the religious places to reopen from June 8 across the country. But, due to rising cases in Rajasthan, the government did not open them.

As per the statement, police will do inspections to ensure safety measures are being taken care of. The Chief Minister also gave directions to officials to ensure all safety measures. Also, ensuring that there is no mass gathering.

The health department are directed to ensure that private hospitals do not deny admission to any patient.

Also, some temple authorities are yet to make a decision in this regard. As per the Priest of Govind Devji Manasji Goswami, they are in worry that if anyone is COVID positive after opening the shrine, the government will shut it again. Adding, they had earlier decided to remain close till September 30. But will reopen on September 7 if they get clarity in the notification issued by the government.

Also, the churches have are to reopen from September 13, on Sunday, when the usual mass is there.

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