Soon there will be an international airport in Ayodhya!

Ayodhya is among one of the important tourists places in India. The construction of Ram Mandir is under progress and an airport is going to come soon.

Airport in Ayodhya
So, as per reports, the Uttar Pradesh government is planning to come up with more projects to increase tourism in the state. According to news, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has made announcement that a new international airport is going to come soon. Also, the name will be after the Hindu deity Ram. The airport will be made soon.

The government wants to complete the airport project by December 2021. As per an official, the government expects Ayodhya to receive lots of domestic and international tourists after the Ram Mandir is fully made. Moreover, there are plans to promote Ram Mandir too. So, the state is going to see a lot of tourists.

Talking about the construction of Ram Mandir, it will have a Nagara-style architecture. Also, a height of 161 ft, three floors and five domes. Moreover, 360 pillars will support the entire temple structure spread over 10 acres of land.

Coming to the material, the temple will be made using only copper metal. It will complete by 2023.

So, with all the constructions, UP is soon going to be more famous. Everyone from Delhi and aorund all states, must visit UP for ots prominent places.

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