Airlift Drirector Menon to come with Dark comedy on Netflix


The director-writer of movie Airlift is ready to make his digital debut. He is coming up with dark comedy on Netflix. Raja Krishna Menon said it was about to start from may 1 but extended because of pandemic.
He told PTI ,”The series is a dark comedy. I did a film titled Barah Aana in 2009, which was also a dark-comedy, I like this space. Our story is different, it is funny and has little uncomfortable humour. It is completely different from what we have seen so far,”

Apart from the show he is also working on two scripts. “There are two scripts that we are writing and researching. For the web series, the costume and production design is happening. We are having conversations with actors, discussing and creating a background for characters, spending time on character building, etc. We are trying to do as much work as possible before we go on floors,” he added.

He said that shooting seems impossible even in August September tell the time some solution or vaccine for the virus comes out.

“Utmost care needs to be taken on the sets when shoots resume,” he said.
“The industry itself will come up with some protocols and the government will also let us know what we need to do. There are certain precautions that we all have to take. It is going to be slow,” menon added.

His movie Airlift on 22nd January,2016 was a Thriller Drama, starring Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur in the lead.

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