Adhuna Bhabani Gives Hair Care Tips In a Video For Harper’s


Adhuna Bhabani

Since the salons are still closed, there is no way to get our hair spa. Also, no idea when it will reopen. We all have been doing some or the other hair care at home. But is it the right way or not? Things work wonders when done the right way. Read down what Adhuna Bhabani says about healthy hair care.

Adhuna Bhabani, co-founder and creative director at BBLUNT India recently shot an exclusive video for Harper’s. She shared easy and effective solutions for split ends. Also, she told several hair care tips. And how one can enjoy a hair spa at home using a hot towel.


“Prevention is better than cure,” Bhabani says. In the video, she recommends applying a heat-protectant product. The product should be rich in keratin and argan oil. This is to be applied before styling hair with any equipment that uses heat. This would add moisture, while also providing a protective barrier on the shafts of hair. Hence, preventing damage.

Leave-in treatment

To get rid of splitends, Bhabani shared a leave-in treatment. Hair breaks due tk lack of elasticity in them. A protein-rich conditioner or mask is a quick-fix to it. This disguises split ends by temporarily sealing them together.

Heat therapy

Next, Bhabani recommended heat spa at home. This is super easy and works wonders. After washing your hair, towel-dry it and apply a repairing conditioner to the ends of hair. Wrap in a hot towel and leave for 10 minutes. The heat will let the hair to open up and the product to penetrate.

Click here to watch the video.

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