Add this ‘Cherrapunji of South’ to your Bucket List 2021!

We have all heard about the beautiful weather of Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. It sees a lot of tourists for its mountains, rainforests, waterfalls and more.

What if we tell you that there is a Cherrapunji of South too? Curious to know? So, there is a village in Karnataka named ‘Agumbe’ and it is known as the ‘Cherrapunji of the South’. Situated in the Shimoga district of the Karnataka’s Malnad region, Agumbe has the heaviest rainfall in South India.

Rainforests of agumbe
Credits: Thrillophilia

In the Western Ghats mountain range, the village is covered with rainforests. If you want to go hiking or trekking, the place is worth a visit. Also, it has the only Rainforest Research Station in India. Moreover, the country’s oldest automatic weather station that regulates thr changes in the rainforests, is also located here.

It receives an average rainfall of about 7,620 millimetres. The place remains evergreen which is a treat to eyes. Also, the place is also called Hasiru Honnu which means green gold.

Flora and fauna

The rainforests are home to tiger, leopard, king cobras, dhole, gaur, Indian bison. Also, the giant squirrel, sambar and endangered lion-tailed macaque. Apart from animals, there are many plant species too. These include DysoxylumTarenna agumbensis, Adenia and more. 


The place includes one of the ten highest falls in India, the Barkana Falls. Other waterfalls include The Jogi Gundi Falls, the Onake Abbi Falls, the Koodlu Teertha Falls. So, the best thing about them are their location. These are located close to one another. Also, the highest waterfall in India, the Kunchikal Falls is located at  Nidagodu village near Agumbe.

The Filming Of Malgudi Days

We all must have seen Malgudi days on teldvision. It is based on the novel by R.K Narayan. Many episodes of this was shot in this place of Karnataka.

Other Attractions:

You can visit the sunset point at the summit of the Western Ghats. It is just about ten minutes walk from Agumbe. It is situated on the Udupi-Agumbe road. Also, the place is a must visit for its beautiful landscapes and also, a nightfall by the Arabian Sea.

Also, you can see the Narasimha parvata, the Kundadri and Kodachadri Hills and the 14th century Gopala Krishna Temple.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit is from November to January. Also, the rains are not heavy in this time. Also, if you are travelling by air, Agumbe is just 100 kilometres from the Mangalore airport. So, by road, you can take buses from Shimoga or Mangalore to reach Agumbe.

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