Seeking calmness? This place near Darjeeling is truly perfect!


Near Darjeeling, lies a tea village which is a new addition on to the tourist roadmap of West Bengal. So, having green mountains capes, numerous streams of the way, dense forests and a breathtaking view of snow-capped Kanchenjunga, the village Rangaroon is the pristine beauty of nature. Also, between Darjeeling’s main town and the Tiger hill, lies the Rangaroon Trekkers Hut.

Rangaroon Near Darjeeling
Picture Credits: Darjeeling Organic Tea Estates

A Hidden Tea Estate

Want to experience fascinating tea tourism? Rangaroon can be an ideal pick. It is between altitude of around 6000 feet above sea level, nearly 20 kilometres away from Darjeeling. So, an under construction road (for now), will bring down the distance between Darjeeling and Rangaroon to about 10 kilometres.

Here you can see harvesters plucking tea leaves, wearing traditional tea hats. Also, the hamlet houses a tea factory naming Aloobari, which is a museum now and has machines brought to India during the colonial era. So, the hilly Darjeeling town looks magical when viewed from Rangaroon, especially during the night.

Rangaroon Near Darjeeling
Picture Credits: YouTube

The popular tourist places like the Tiger Hill viewpoint, Batasia Loop and Ghoom monastery are near to Rangaroon. Also, the hamlet has homestays which offer an amazing stay away from the crowd.

So, the Rangaroon comes from ‘Rai Gurung’. Also, most of the people in the village belong to the Rai and Gurung communities.

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