A Beautiful House In Mountains By A Mother-Daughter Duo!


If staying in mountains have been your dream, then this is just for you! On an elevation of 5,500 ft, at the highest point of a village naming Shiva in Himachal Pradesh, this mountain home is a dream come true for Usha Hooda and Vibha Hooda.

Mayascrest In Himachal Pradesh By Usha Hooda
Usha says,

“When I look out, I feel like I am looking at the sea. Even the clouds float below me. One side of the home overlooks the Garhwal Himalayas beyond Shimla, and the other at the sun settling gold on the plains of Punjab. I watch a breathtaking view from a different part of my home every single day,” 

In 2008, Usha was diagnosed with cancer and she decided to move away from city life. She bought this piece of land nearly three decades ago, when on her visit to Himachal Pradesh to meet her daughter, Vibha, who was studying there. So, in 2012, after winning battle, the mother-daughter duo made the biggest move of their life by shifting their base.

So, the two ladies owns a degree in architecture or interior designing. Check out some amazing pictures of the place below-

Mayascrest house in mountains
house in mountains by Usha Hooda
Mayascrest By Usha Gooda
Mayascrest in mountains by Usha Hooda
Mayascrest By Usha Hooda

So, living amid nature and mountains in Himachal has made Hooda appreciate the small things in life. “Petting a calf, watching the sunset and listening to the winds…these things make one happier. Not counting your pennies in the bank.”

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