Closeness can be physical, mental and emotional. This is the key to a good relationship. You don’t have to be bounded in 4 walls for this closeness. From seeing her to holding her define the closeness.


When your thoughts will be firm and clear, it will be shown in your actions. Clarity of thoughts is most important in any relationship. It will help you know about the importance of a person in your life. When you are clear about a person you will show it by your words and behaviour. Unclear heads need to start thinking now!


The more you talk the more strong will be the bond! Understand what your partner is trying to say it will make you know each other well. Communicate about everything going on in your life. There are all kinds of people- Some talk, some listen and others just communicate without saying.


Women like the gentle touch. Men’s are considered to be as strong and manly all time but his woman always asks for a gentle and soft touch. Being gentle does not mean being weak. The gentleness in the touch is the difference between a man and a boy! Your woman will always appreciate a gentle touch.


Agreed the fact that women are difficult to understand but what they expect is ‘patience’. They may irritate you at times, annoy you or eat up your head all day but what they want is patience to understand them. Women have a habit to go into roots of each and everything. Stick to them and have patience.


Most of the relationships lack mutual respect. But one needs to understand that it is the basis of every relation. You can’t just go anywhere without disrespecting the other. Your partner has her own opinion and you need to respect that. She has her personal space and you need not interfere and respect her space. If she is okay with your lady friends that does not mean she allows you to flirt. She respects your social circle andd you need to understand and do it too.


Nowadays, this word doesn’t exists for many. This is where almost all relationships fail. The man needs to understand that he woman wants him to be consistent and be with forever. Its like wiping her tears when sad , sharing her joys and supporting her when she turns 70 in the same way you used to do. It means not giving up. It means being by her side always.

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