3 Ways Bread Snacks You Must Try : Quarantine Cooking

Bread is such a thing that anything can be made out of it. If you feel difficulty in deciding what to make, bread is always the option. You can make items for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks or Dinner.

Today, we have brought you some easy and tasty snacks that can be made from bread. Read Below.

  1. Bread Manchurian

Bread manchurian

We all know that Manchurian is a Chinese dish and is famous all over the world. The balls are filled with vegetables and put in gravy or in a dry form. Here is a twist to the actual making. Making Manchurian with bread.  All you have to do is deep fry or shallow fry the bread balls.

check the recipe here: Bread Manchurian

2. Paneer Bread Roll

Paneer bread roll

This resembles the traditional bread rolls. But the difference lies in the filling. It mainly contains grated paneer. The traditional rolls are deep-fried. You can make it a healthy version by pan-frying it rather than deep frying. Also, Rather than using white bread, you can also go for healthy loaves of bread. For instance, Multigrain bread or Brown bread.

Check the recipe here: Paneer Bread Roll

3. Bread Cheese Balls

A typical cheese ball includes vegetables and a block of cheese. But this is a different version with leftover bread and potato filling. The cheese used in this is Cheddar cheese. Also, You can use any of your choice. Also, There is a trick to make it perfect and without absorbing the oil.

Check the recipe here: Bread Cheese Balls

Recipe credits: Hebbars Kitchen.

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