3 Lakes To Visit For Rejuvenation In The Lap Of Nature

In hustle of chaotic city life, we sometimes need to stop and relax. Nothing is best than relaxing in the lap of Nature. These lakes are not only for relaxing but a good place for summers too. Nothing is beautiful than sitting near lakes and listening to ambient sounds. Check it out!

1. Okhla Bird Sanctuary Lake, Noida

Okhla Bird Sanctuary
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Being home to many magnificent birds in India,  Okhla Bird Sanctuary Lake is a perfect place for rejuvenate. Also, the lake is shelter to more than 300 species of water birds. Head over here, if you want to relax in the arms of nature.The lake is located in the bird sanctuary itself. It is at the exact spot where the River Yamuna enters Uttar Pradesh. Best time to visit is early mornings.

2. Peacock Lake, Faridabad

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With a lot of history, this place is also known as Surajkund Lake. According to some sources, this used to be a water tank. On the western ghats of the lake, you will also see the ruins of a sun temple. Also, it was all built back in the 10th century by King Surajpal of Tomar dynasty. He was a worshiper of the Sun God.

3. Old Fort Lake, Pragati Maidan

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Famous as the Purana Quila Lake, the Old Fort Lake flows near the foot of a hill located about 2 kilometres’ south-east of India Gate, and a few kilometres north of Humayun’s Tumb. If you want to do boating, this place is worth visiting.

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